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Sauna construction and production


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Premium quality design, construction and production of a unique quality sauna





Sauna construction: tell us your ideas and our skilled staff will design and build the sauna of your dreams.

We make our quotes more transparent with a computer floor plan or 3D top and side view visuals.



Dare to dream, we will make your dreams come true!


We deliver and install our products free of charge within 60 days.

Our staff is at your disposal, we will visit you in person on request, we will provide you with advice and information!

Inquire about personalized luxury saunas at our contact details. Take a look at our

sauna gallery, where you can even find the design you like.




Why is it good to have your own sauna in your home?

Saunaing has become a popular form of healthy living and entertainment these days.


Its health benefits include:


  • Through physical exercise, it trains the heart and improves blood circulation. For those struggling with circulatory disorders and heart complaints, a medical consultation is recommended only because of the strain on the body.


  • It strengthens the immune system, but at the same time, during the sauna, the immune system is overloaded, so the risk of disease is higher during this short period. 
  • It detoxifies because toxins are naturally removed from the body during sweating. Saunaing involves sweating. Helps relieve stress.


  • It has a good effect on the skin and is also a good remedy for insomnia, as well as a pleasant cure for relieving muscle cramps. It can also help athletes warm up.

The golden rule of the sauna is the feeling of comfort:

You can go to the sauna as often as you want, stay as long as you want and change the hot-cold as long as you like.
People who have a sauna that can be harmful to their health and therefore need to pay special attention to bathing are the ones who suffer from various diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease.


The sauna should be completely avoided in case of high fever or diseases or injuries of nervous origin. People with infectious diseases should only use their own sauna! It is also not advisable to take a sauna after drinking while intoxicated, as the sauna does not help with a hangover.



Have a unique sauna, contact us if you need a unique sauna design or custom sauna production.


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