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Perfect quality, outstanding standard equipment, unique needs and sizes, a real feeling of luxury, Simon Sauna is your manufacturer of immersion tubs / jacuzzis!




Novelty!!! Wooden jacuzzis, only with us in Hungary!



Dare to dream, we will realize your unique ideas!

We make our bowls individually, according to your needs!


Our products are made by hand with meticulous work, attention to the smallest details!


Ask for a unique quote, write to us!


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Ask for a unique quote, write to us!




Perfect quality, real luxury feeling ...



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Our acacia and oak bathtubs and submersible tubs withstand the constant humidity extremely well, the weather is not a problem when placed outdoors, and its hard surface protects it from mechanical damage.


We can realize any individual needs, formally we can divide our bowls into two groups:


Their circular bathtubs can mainly be used for bathing several people at the same time. When using in hot water, a row of seats around the side can be comfortable.


Oval tubs require less space and water, and are usually made for one or two people.


Bathtubs made with legs not only differ in appearance from their counterparts, but also because of the cleanability of the rooms. By installing a drain and an overflow, it is simpler to handle and easy to connect to the sewer system.




In Hungary, only with us!


Wooden whirlpools!


Standard equipment of our luxury whirlpools:


- massage jets, champagne jets, electric heating, automatic control with LCD display, light therapy luminaire, circulating pump, massage pump, air compressor, ladder


Comfort accessories:


- radio, sms start system, thermo roof




Megtervezzük egyedi dézsáját!







We offer a 1-year guarantee for our bowls, and we can guarantee its construction within 30 days.



Our central information line:
+ 36-20-333-22-77



Kérjen egyedi árajánlatot, írjon nekünk!



Perfect quality, real luxury feeling ...




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