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You will also find futuristic, minimal saunas with us!



Perfect quality, outstanding basic equipment, unique needs and sizes, a real feeling of luxury, Simon Wellness is your minimal sauna manufacturer!


We can satisfy the needs of our customers with the most sophisticated tastes with our modern minimal style saunas.


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At the best price, directly from the manufacturer!


Perfect quality, a real feeling of luxury ... 2 + 3 years warranty!


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Ask for a unique quote, write to us!


Perfect quality, real luxury feeling ...


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We adapt to your environment and ideas, you can choose your Minimal sauna from 9 types and colors of paneling!







Our Future Experience models:




Sauna, shower, steam cabin. The 3-function, modern-looking experience cabin is equipped with a tower stove, black back glass, UV led lighting, aroma dispenser, shower and steam enhancers. Its appearance suggests authority, and its use suggests a real sense of luxury!






Future in the present! Our Future Experience models feature state-of-the-art technology. The design, technology and basic equipment of our saunas set unprecedented boundaries. The above type has a full front panoramic glass surface surrounded by a decorative glass frame. Under the benches, behind the glass frame and the backrests, LED lighting makes the clean design world more spectacular. The rear wall behind the cabin is also glazed, between which the filtered lights of the LED lighting can be seen. Heating is provided by an electric tower stove. Also available in custom sizes!





The front side of one of our favorite models is fully glazed. The panoramic glass surface is surrounded by a wooden frame, behind which LED lighting is hidden. Behind the backrests and under the benches, LED lighting also makes the sauna more cozy. Exclusive effect is created by the tower stove placed in front of the glass, in which 100kg of stone provides the heating. It can also be requested in individual sizes!




The combined effect of unique engraved Arabic patterned glass surfaces and decor glass frame makes this model irresistible. Through the glass ceiling above the door, you can watch either the sunset or the fall of the stars while taking a nap. Tower stove, LED lights, minimal furniture. Also available in custom sizes!





Thanks to the floor lighting of the floor, the large glass surfaces and the simple, clean design world, our above model has become most popular among young people. The combination of dark and light cladding and the hidden lighting behind the rear wall create an imposing, completely unique effect. Heating is provided by an electric tower stove. Also available in custom sizes!






When manufacturing our minimal saunas, we place great emphasis on the consideration of comfort aspects, the reasonable design of the interior, and the appropriate thermal insulation. With LCD display and touch panel controls, led technology mood lights, speakers, starry sky, light therapy, panoramic glass surfaces, we can make the use of the sauna more comfortable and seasoned. Our saunas are manufactured according to Austrian standards, with careful and thorough work, exclusively from selected wood materials. We can realize any unique idea or unique need. You dream, and we make it.




We cover our saunas exclusively with knot-free paneling!





In addition to the selection of raw materials according to strict criteria, the most important criterion is thermal insulation. We use a revolutionary, bio-based glass wool insulation that has no harmful substances, such as formaldehyde emissions. The insulation does not contain added artificial coloring, does not cause skin and respiratory irritation, its feel creates a velvety feeling.



We pay attention to the smallest details, we strive for perfection!


We will not allow water to be the Lord! In all cases, we prevent the structure of the sauna from being exposed to water with an aluminum plinth profile! For this purpose, the lower parts of the footrests are provided with rubber soles. The foot gratings are surface-treated with BIO pickling oil, thanks to which the wood has a much more intense effect, it becomes much more durable and easy to clean.






Standard accessories:



  • Quality Finnish tower sauna stove
  • 100-200kg sauna stone
  • Telephone control
  • Finnish aspen or Heat-treated minimal style poplar flooring
  • Backrests
  • Head rest
  • Footrest with waterproof rubber soles
  • Concealed LED lighting
  • 8mm Pharsol safety glass door in 6 colors
  • Handle kit
  • Wooden tub with 4l plastic interior
  • Wooden spoon
  • Sand glass
  • ventilators
  • Colorful underground LED mood lighting
  • Bluetooth system + amplifier + quality Pioneer steam and heat-resistant speakers
  • Silicone heat resistant cables
  • Mineral wool BIO insulation
  • Mist and heat protection mirror ear
  • Transport
  • installation
  • Getting Started
  • 2 + 3 years structural warranty

In our saunas, smart telephone control is standard. In addition to the application, an LCD or Touch control panel is also available at an additional cost.






Comfort enhancers available for comfort and luxury:



  • Starry sky with fiberglass optics and remote control
  • Himalayan salt brick wall with backlight (not available for outdoor saunas)
  • alarm
  • Light therapy on ceiling (50 cm) with remote control
  • Light therapy in a corner (50 cm) with remote control
  • Light therapy on ceiling (100 cm) with remote control
  • Ventilation automation -
  • Interior suspended ceiling with mood lighting
  • Interior concealed lighting
  • Exterior concealed lighting
  • Glass brick 24 x 10 x 5 cm solid
  • Sauna with shower
  • Sauna varnish
  • cleaners
  • Sauna head pillows
  • Towels, bathrobes
  • Sauna cap
  • Essential oils, honey, soaps


Optional cover types:


  • Compact Alder paneling
  • Exclusive Pine paneling
  • President Finnish aspen paneling
  • Chocholate Heat Treated Alder Paneling
  • Prestige Heat-treated Finnish aspen paneling
  • Elite Magnolia paneling
  • Elegant Canadian Hemlock pine paneling
  • Luxury Canadian red cedar paneling
  • Dark Heat Treated Ash Paneling


Standard sizes:


110x110x205cm (1 person)
130x120x205cm (1 person)
130x130x205cm (2 people)
150x120x205cm (2 people)
150x150x205cm (3 people)
200x160x205cm (4 people)
200x200x205cm (5 people)
250x200x205cm (7 people)

Ask for a unique quote, write to us!


All dual cabins we manufacture are made with original Finnish sauna stove, Vitae infrared radiators, One-Touch external control unit.




We design your unique sauna!




Tell us your ideas, our qualified staff will design the sauna of your dreams!


We make our quotes more transparent with a computer floor plan or 3D top and side view visuals.


Dare to dream, we will make your dreams come true!
We deliver and install our products free of charge.
Our staff is at your disposal, we will visit you in person on request, we will provide you with advice and information!
We undertake a 5-year guarantee for our equipment!
The warranty for the cabin structure is 5 years, for other electrical equipment 2 years. Our prices in our price lists are gross consumer prices, including the entire interior and double-sided exterior cladding, as well as home delivery, installation and commissioning valid throughout the country.



Helpful hints:



A washable floor covering and a proper power supply are essential for the transport of the sauna.


Smaller cabins require 230 V, larger sizes (200x160cm and above) 400 V. 1x16A and 3x1.5 wires for the former, minimum 3x16A and 5x2.5 wires for the latter. The heating time of tower stoves can be significantly longer than that of normal electric wall stoves!

For ventilation, it is sufficient if the room has an openable window, but a ventilation grille is also acceptable. It is not necessary to design a separate exhaust system. In the case of outdoor saunas, even bricks cannot be designed, except if the room has a constant room temperature. The same rule applies to indoor saunas.

Before construction, we recommend that you seek the opinion of our staff or download our Design Guide.

Community saunas must always be equipped with an emergency bell!



Finnish sauna description:



A few hundred years ago, the sauna was the subject of a scientific medical research, the study of which here are some findings:
For a healthy person, a sauna bath is not a health risk, but rather a kind of pleasant feeling, an opportunity to relax and a feeling of refreshment for both body and mind.
It cleanses the pores of the skin, has an analgesic effect and promotes deep, restful sleep for many people.
The golden rule of the sauna is the feeling of comfort:
You can go to the sauna as often as you want, stay as long as you want and change the hot-cold as long as you like.
People who have a sauna that can be harmful to their health and therefore need to pay special attention to bathing, they are suffering from various diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease.
The sauna should be completely avoided in case of high fever or diseases or injuries of nervous origin. People with infectious diseases should only use their own sauna! It is also not advisable to take a sauna after drinking while intoxicated, as the sauna does not help with a hangover.




Detailed information about our features marked with an asterisk:




The EUR 57 visitor's voucher will be deducted from the final amount of the purchased product.
3D visual designs are made at a price of EUR 143 + VAT, the amount of which is deducted from the final amount of the ordered product.
If delivered within 10 days, a 10% surcharge will be charged



At the best prices, directly from the manufacturer!



Perfect quality, real luxury feeling ...


Custom-made luxury Finnish and infrared saunas, combined saunas, steam cabins, salt cabins, ice cabins, swimming pools, terrace coverings, hydromassage pools, massage beds, salt beds, salt caves, ice caves, diving pools, diving pools, diving pools, diving pools, , Narvi sauna stoves, glass mosaic pools, ceramic pools, pool covers, luxury saunas, Harvia Cilindro sauna stoves, state-of-the-art futuristic minimal and traditional classic luxury saunas.

Details of the sauna


The sauna can be a smaller heated wooden house or any room where people who take a seat can sweat for relaxation. The water vapor is mostly caused by the water that is usually poured on the heated stones, which is what the sauna is all about.

Among the peoples of the north, the sauna has a history of thousands of years. The meaning of the sauna, on the other hand, cannot really be concretized, several varieties have evolved over time, as the sauna has always been different among the peoples. The Finnish sauna is considered to be primary if the term sauna is mentioned in general terms.






The development of the sauna



The word sauna has been mentioned in the writings for about a thousand years, even though it has been a well-known concept among northern peoples for about 2 thousand years. The sauna was also used for childbirth and healing patients, as the water was very clean, so it was mostly used for washing and bathing. So Finnish people still alive today can tell of themselves that their birth took place in a sauna room.

Since transitional versions and many other versions have been released, the meaning of the sauna is not at all clear to man, so it is not possible to determine the time of appearance of the first sauna product. In fact, we can apply the term sauna to a hot air room even if there is water vapor due to the water poured on the hot stones.

Their primitive sauna room was already available to the nomadic peoples of the north. In order to heat the place and to be suitable for bathing, the pit was covered, which was dug into the ground and a fire was placed in it. It is conceivable that when the fire was smoked, only the sauna room was used, when the fire burned, it was not.

The aforementioned pit fire was probably the name of the sauna a long time ago, it could have been the name of the Finnish sauna a long time ago. The lowest version of the sauna in the north is the smoke sauna, which was later converted.

There are surviving writings from the 17th century that foreigners from the Scandinavian country were brought into the room at about 100 degrees, undressing naked inside the room, and even promising to slam them well with birch twigs. Upon hearing this, the guest naturally fled headlong, but the benefits of the sauna were not realized much later in other parts of Europe.

Inside the sauna, agricultural activities used to be carried out, meat was dried in it, it was not only used for washing, it also served as a multifunctional place. It was mostly used for healing by naturopaths, gourmets and doctors. The curator was able to create a mystical atmosphere, as the sauna was dark inside. With the magic of the grandmother, the smell of various plants and poplar, the individual use of the sauna also increased the value of the girls for sale on Christmas Eve, according to Finnish custom, which is why the sauna was considered a kind of ritual place.

The only known sauna was the smoke sauna until the early 1900s. However, cleaning it was extremely difficult and flammable, it took a long time to heat it up, so it wasn’t really good. Chimneys already had public saunas that were already found in cities due to industrialization, due to the development of the 20th century. It was very popular with people, so a sauna was built in the cottages and cottages as well. The smoke sauna remains in several places due to poverty and tradition, where it did not remain, was demolished or rotten because it was not used. The chimney was not separate in the transitional version that formed the transition between the smoke sauna and the chimney sauna, the smoke entered the chimney through the stones, so the use of the sauna was only possible after the fire had gone out. The chimney was introduced separately in about 1930.



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Perfect quality, real luxury feeling ..


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