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Perfect quality, high standard, unique needs and sizes, a real luxurious feeling. Simon Sauna, your producer!


Dare to dream, we make it real!


All of our sauna cabins are equipped with an original Finnish sauna stove and Vitae infrared emitters.


The saunas are made according to your unique demands!


Our products are handmade with meticulous care and attention to the smallest details.


Contact us and request a customized quote!


At the best prices directly from the producers.


Perfect quality, a real luxurious feeling...

The Dual sauna is the perfect combination of traditional Finnish and the new generation infrared sauna which runs in 3 wavelengths and can be used without pre-heating.

In each case we build Finnish sauna stoves with stainless covarage into our saunas and fill them with 20 kg sauna stones and supplied with stove safety grills.

The lifespan of our infrared lights is 5000 hours which means 64 years if we use them actively three times a week.

We adapt to your environment and unique conceptions. You can choose from 14 different types and colours of paneling.


When producing our saunas we pay extra attention to the comfort aspects, the logical design of the interior and the proper insulation so that you can start your sauna in 30 (45)minutes at room temperature. LCD screens, touch control panels, LED mood lighting, loudspeakers, star ceiling, light therapy and huge panoramic glass surfaces can enhance your experience.

Our products are handmade according to Austrian standards in our workshops, only from carefully selected material whic is of perfect quality.

Our prefabricated saunas are installed at the spot in 1 day.


Standard accessories:  

  • Quality Finnish stainless steel stove
  • 20 kg sauna stone
  • Stove safety grill
  • Easy-Touch LCD external control panel
  • Unlimited pre-programming
  • Finnish quaking aspen or heat-treated poplar wood flooring
  • Backrests
  • Headrest
  • Upper and lower enclosure on the benches
  • Foot grill with water resistant rubber soles
  • Lamp + lamp shades
  • 8 mm Pharsol security glass door in 6 colours
  • Handle kit with special magnetic closure
  • Wooden bucket with 4 l plastic insert
  • Wooden ladle
  • Hygrometer
  • Sand timer
  • Ventilation system
  • Mood lighting under the bench (in 4 colours)
  • High quality moisture and heat resistant loudspeakers
  • Silicone cables
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Optional accessories to increase the comfort and give a luxurious feeling:


  • Relaxation sounds (roaring sea, spring, forest)
  • Custom greeting and farewell text on the control panel
  • Voice greeting, goodbye
  • Salt ionizer, shelf, bowl
  • Mood switch
  • Automatic start sensor system (Sit down only)
  • Sunlight spectrum lamp
  • Token starter system
  • Sms start-block system
  • Sky design
  • FM radio with luxurious design
  • Wall-mounted radio and CD player with remote control
  • Star ceiling with fibre optics and remote control
  • Salt wall from Himalayan salt brick with backlighting
  • Alarm bell
  • Ceiling light therapy (60 cm) with remote control
  • Corner light therapy (60 cm) with remote control
  • Ceiling light therapy (120 cm) with remote control
  • Automatic ventilation
  • Internal suspended ceiling with mood lighting
  • Interior recessed lighting
  • Exterior recessed lighting
  • Curved glass wall in 6 colours
  • Solid glass block 24 x 10 x 5 cm
  • Sauna shower bucket
  • Sauna varnish
  • Detergents
  • Sauna pillows
  • Towels, robes
  • Sauna cap
  • Essential oils, honeys, soaps


We can meet your luxurious needs:



Tower heater




Modern forms 




Combination of Brasil Stone and Wood






Panoramic Glasses






Starry Sky






Himalayan Salt Bricks






Spinerest next to the infrared imitters






Curved forms 





Curved panoramic glass+built-in shelves





Aroma dispenser






Ball-shaped sauna stove 





Design sauna stove





Optional tiling: 

  • Compact Alder paneling
  • Exclusive Borov pine paneling
  • President Finnish quaking aspen paneling
  • Chocolate Heat-treated alder paneling
  • Prestige Finnish heat-treated quaking aspen paneling 
  • Rustic Heat-treated, brushed Borov pine paneling
  • Exotic Indonesian bamboo paneling
  • Elite Magnolia paneling
  • Elegant Canadian Hemlock pine paneling
  • Luxury Canadian red cedar paneling
  • Dark Heat-treated ash paneling 



Standard sizes:



             110x110x205cm            130x120x205cm               150x120x205cm                   130x130x205cm

              1pers                          1-2pers                            2pers                                 2pers 



        130x130x205cm                   150x150x205cm               150x150x205cm                        200x160x205cm

       2pers                                   2-3pers                          2-3pers                                3-4pers




              200x160x205cm              200x200x205cm               200x200x205cm                  200x200x205cm 

               3-4pers                              4-5pers                       4-5pers                                4-5pers




                           250x200x205cm             250x200x205cm             250x200x205cm

                             7 pers                         9 pers                        12pers    




Contact us and request a customized quote!

All of our sauna cabins are equipped with an original Finnish sauna stove and an external LCD control unit that can have a customizable greeting and farewell text.





We can design your custom-made sauna!



Tell us your ideas and our experienced associates will design your dream sauna. Our quotes are made even more transparent with computer layout or 3D visualisation.



Dare to dream, we make it real!

Our products are delivered and installed without charge in 30-45 days.
Our associates are readily available and even personally visit you on request to provide you with information and advice.
We offer 2 years warranty for our equipment which might be extended to 5 years!
There is 2 years warranty for the structure of the cabin, 1 year warranty for the other pieces of electrical equipment, but for the heaters we offer no warranty.


The prices in our price list are gross prices, they include the whole front, and both sides of the outer tiling as well as the home delivery, installation and commissioning which applies to the whole country.

On request we can produce your sauna within 10 days (from the day of the order). Emergency surcharge with 10-day delivery is the base price + 10%, with 20-day delivery it is the base price + 5%.


Helpful hints: 


Washable floor covering and the proper power supply are essential prerequisites of transporting the sauna.
The small cabins have the power need of 230 V, whereas the larger sizes (200x160 and above) need 400 V. In the former case 1x16A and 3x1,5 cable is necessary, in the latter it is minimum 3x16A and 5x2,5 cable.
In terms of ventilation an openable window is sufficient, a ventilation grill is acceptable. There is no need for developing a separate exhaust system.
Before construction we recommend that you seek our associate's opinion or download our Planning Guide.
Communal saunas must be equipped with alarm bells!

Finnish sauna-review


Several hundred years ago the sauna was the subject of a scientific experiment. You can find some hints from the reasearch here:
For any healthy person the sauna bath presents no health risk, but rather gives a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing experience beneficial to both body and mind. It cleans the skin, has a special painkiller effect and helps people fall into more restful and deeper sleep.
The golden rule of using the sauna is the comfortable feeling. You can go to sauna as often as you want, as many times as you want, you can stay there as long as you want to and you can change hot and cold, as long as you like it and as many times as you like.
Groups of people who may have health risks in the sauna and who therefore should pay special attention to the way they bathe are patients with various diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease.
People who should avoid the sauna completely are e.g. people running fever or having inflammatory diseases or injuries. Anybody with a contagious disease should bathe only in his own sauna. Also people under the influence of alcohol should not go to the sauna, nor is there any evidence that the sauna would help in a hangover. 


Infrared sauna review

Originally they were developed in Japan and the USA but the benefits of the infrared emitters have been combined with the traditional saunas in the Far East and North America since the 1980s. The Vitae infrared sauna is basically a useful consumer and therapeutic device. Its essence is that the infrared emitters applied instead of sauna stoves warm at a lower temperature between 35-45C directly the body and the deeper layers of the skin and muscles not the air of the sauna.
Reaching the deeper layers of the skin and the muscles it generates more efficient sweat and enhances the beneficial effects of the organism.
The benefits of this innovation reflect the values of our age that is efficiency and the importance of our health. Because of its lower temperature it can be used even by the elderly and people suffering from any heart diseases.
It is a powerful antidote to electrosmog which is now not really well-known yet but has done some harm to many people.


Entering the body the infrared energy wave produces gradual heat that opens the skin poles. The energy of the infrared heat generated in the infrared sauna is the same as the energy of rays coming from the sun to the earth.
The Vitae emitters applied in our cabins are the halogen infrared emitters of the latest generation and they cover the ray ranges of the sun reaching the earth.
It is commonly known that infrared heat warms the objects directly without heating the air around them. This kind of direct heating is the most efficient method in body treatments as 90% of our body consists of water and this substance absorbs heat very easily.
The immediate heat generated by Vitae infrared rays heat the surface of the skin and a bit later its deeper undersurface and muscle tissues indirectly heating the blood coming back to the heart. As a result of this, we can experience a bit more bearable and comfortable higher body temperature, more gradual circulation and sweating and it increases the natural ability of our body to clean itself. Also, a more balanced thermo regulation can be realized. The circulation is becoming more and more lively and at the same time the oxygen level also gets higher, so its ability to regenerate our skin is also much better. The VITAE infrared light therapy also raises the collagen level, which makes the skin more flexible and it gives a younger appearance.

VITAE infrared therapies have many health and fitness effects. It eases and smoothes pain for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism or sciatica.

-Smoothes tension in muscles and their strain
-Helps recovery and rehabilitation
-Strengthens our immune system
-Smoothes stiffness, pains in our muscles and muscle cramps
-Smoothes stiffness of our joints
-Warming up before doing any sporting activities

Some examples for procedures and methods for skin and complete body treatments that can be applied in therapy infrared saunas.


1. Cellulit treatment
2. Regeneration of the skin, nutrition, mineral supply and hydrating
3. Stopping ageing process of the skin, hiding wrinkles
4. Face treatments
5. Treatment before and after plastic surgeries
6. Thalasso therapeutic mask treatment
7. Skin purifying treatments
8. Aromatic body package treatment
9. Herbal body package treatment
10. Body tan treatment
11. Treatment before and after liposuction
12. Facemask treatment
13. Decolletage treatment
14. Lymphatic and anti detoxification treatment
15. Treatment reducing stress
16. Treatment against rheumatic and muscle pain
17. Treatment against Psoriasis and eczema
18. Treatment against Bursitis 



Perfect quality, a real luxurious feeling...


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